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Myolift Gloves Microcurrent

If you’ve watched my other videos you might be familiar with the Myolift microcurrent device. Using electrical currents, this device speeds up your cellular process and stimulates your muscles. The Myolift reduces signs of aging and helps improves your skin’s tone and texture. Since first using the Myolift, the brand has continued to develop its product. Starting with two handheld wands, the device was then turned into a mask. Now, to make things easier and more effective the current is produced through gloves. This helps to direct the current into desired areas with the most amount of comfort.

Backed by science, electrical currents are extremely effective in the world of skincare (Hence the laser, LED, other device technology). After trying the Myolift gloves, I was impressed with how easy to use and understand this device was. If you’re looking for a painless, simple device to help stimulate your face and turn back the clock, the Myolift gloves might be perfect for you! In addition, to testing the Myolift gloves, I also used a microdermabrasion device. Utilizing suction technology, this device helps to exfoliate and cleanse outer skin cells. Producing an effect that increases your radiance and helps to emphasize your new results. Looking to learn more about the Microderm Glo? Make sure to check out my video here!


Which Products Did I Use?

Myolift Facial Device

Myolift Eye Mask

Pure Face Steamer

Microderm Glo

Myolift Lip Mask


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