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It’s time to try the EZ Injector again! After learning from my first experience, I decided to numb before treatment. Using water pressure, the EZ Injector allows you to inject serums to replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Though I wouldn’t say this device is easy, it can be a great way to inject serums without using needles or threads. In addition to the regenerative properties of using the EZ Injector, I am using a PDRN Salmon DNA serum. Known for its prominent place in the world of skincare, PDRN helps grow tissue and revitalize your skin. This hydrating serum helps moisturize and heal your skin. After finishing my face I used a hydrating mask to double the effects of the EZ Injector treatment while providing soothing relief. Similar to microneedling, the EZ Injector bases the intensity on the level of treatment. As I noticed lower levels tended to be less painful and did not require numbing. Maybe all it takes is getting the hang of the EZ Injector. This can be a great tool to inject serums into your skin without the hassle of more invasive treatments.


Which Products Did I Use?

EZ Injector

PDRN Salmon DNA KAOS10 saves 10%

Tonymoly 24K Gold Moisture Mask


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