Hydra Pen with PLLA Mask

Part of a new generation of skincare devices, the Dr. Pen Hydra pen is revolutionizing microneedling. As the Hydra pen breaks the surface layer of your skin, similar to microneedling, the serum is instantly ejected. This makes it so your skin is able to more fully absorb the serums. In fact, the wireless pen allows you to choose your skin serum with ease. When microneedling, one of the more difficult aspects is mixing and applying serums while your channels are still open. Now, you have the ability to easily mix and apply directly into the device. As I used the Hydra Pen, I decided to use the Hyafilia of now the Celltermi Gel. This hyaluronic gel helps rehydrate your skin, boosting collagen and reducing fine lines.

To complete my skincare routine, I decided to try out the PLLA Mask again. Since my facial channels have already been opened, I’m hoping the serums will be more easily absorbed. The Elaxen PLLA mixture is known as a “collagen restoration mixture”. Each of the ingredients helps reduce the effects of aging on my skin. In addition, to replenishing volume, the PLLA Mask helps brighten your skin. After this hydrating treatment, my face felt younger and more radiant overall.


Where Can I Find These Products?

The Hydra Pen, Celltermi Mist, and Serum can all be found at https://www.hyafiliausa.com/shop/  (Use Kaos10 for 10% off)


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