Hifu Body

Hifu Body

High-Intensity Frequency Ultrasound. Known for its ability to tighten deep tissue, the Hifu is a non-invasive substitute for facelifts. However, that’s not its only purpose. Today, I am using my new cartridges on my body. When you age, collagen and elastin are not produced as often. This can lead to looser areas and increased fat. Luckily, the Hifu Body can be utilized as a tool to help remove these fat cells as well as tighten and lift your skin overall.

The Hifu  Body uses ultrasound energy to speed up cellular processes. This increases collagen, improves structure, and helps reduce fat deposits. When the ultrasound reaches the prescribed depth, that tissue is heated. Generating this energy supposedly reduces larger fat deposits. The slight shock produced through this procedure was nothing compared to other treatments, such as surgical procedures. As recommended, I plan to repeat this procedure every 3 to 6 months, in conjunction with my Hifu facial treatment. 


Which Products Did I Use?

Hifu Body

Mini Hifu

Portable Hifu Machine

Peptide Power Gel


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