IPL Faustina

Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and cleared acne! The IPL Faustina offers 3 treatments in 1 device. This powerful IPL device uses high amounts of energy to produce results depending on your needs. This intelligent system has over 500,000 flashes for each of the three functions. Its gliding and stamping mode also allows it to fully cover areas of all sizes. This seamless device offers results after a series of short 30-minute treatments. Making this an easy addition to your skincare routine. The Faustina also carries to a wide range of skin types and textures, making it a perfect device for everyone. Since this device utilizes so much energy it’s super important to remember to wear the goggles. Protecting yourself from energy produced by the lasers is a number one priority. Though the Faustina was completely painless, I was prepared for the results. There are quite a few at-home uses for the IPL Fautsina and I can’t wait to see the progress with this device!


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The IPL Faustina


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