Bosidin, Nira

The Bosidin Nira Update

By now, you might have realized in your skincare journey, progress takes consistency. It’s nearly impossible to see results after one time. However, you also don’t want to waste time on less effective treatments. As I document my progress with the Bosidin and Nira I need your opinion. Are they working? And should you try them out? Known for its innovation in the world of skincare as well as health, the Bosidin truly has fulfilled all its promises. In addition to the hair removal properties of the Bosidin, this device also highlights skin rejuvenation. Through my weekly treatments, I have certainly noticed a difference. Combined with the Bosidin is the Nira, my favorite under-eye device. After months of including this device in my daily skincare, my skin has brightened and lifted. Since I do not exclusively use these treatments in my skincare, there could be a variety of reasons that have contributed to my progress. However, I am very happy with the results I have seen so far with the Nira and Bosidin.


Where can I find these devices?

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