Dermaplane Blade Comparison

How do I dermaplane my face? Which blade should I use? I honestly get asked these questions a lot. When it comes to dermaplaning not all blades are created equal. Too short and it can be difficult to evenly exfoliate skin. Too long, and it can prevent you from reaching certain areas. As I test these six different blades, which one do you think worked best? Dermaplaning allows you to physically exfoliate your skin. This means the serums or skincare you use after will be better absorbed. When it comes to dermaplaning there are so many different options. From disposable to electric, each of these blades can have different purposes. If you want to learn a bit more about how to dermaplane make sure to check out my post here.


Which Products Did I Use?

Hollywood Smoother

Sonic Smooth (This product is no longer available on Amazon)

Hollywood Browzer

Tinkle Razors

Disposable 10R Blades

Maycoop Raw Sauce

The Ordinary “Buffet”

The Ordinary B Oil


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