TOXIN & BB Glow Cocktail

A botox facial, slightly different than injections, provides your skin with a tighter, smoother complexion. BB Glow semi-permanently tints your skin to create an even tone. While trying to decide which to use today, a crazy thought popped into my mind. Why not combine the two and create my own microneedling cocktail? In order to create my Botox & BB Glow Facial, I’m combing innotox, salmon DNA, copper amino isolate serum, and hyafillia. Innotox, similar to botox, works by disabling certain cellular signals and works to prevent wrinkles and smooth out the skin. Salmon DNA has similar properties and purpose to innotox in the cocktail and helps skin texture. The pro-repair copper amino isolate serum increases collagen production and creates a more youthful glow. Hyafillia, a hyaluronic acid filler, works as a tissue reconstructive material. Combined into a microneedling cocktail, each of these provides my skin with a glowy, firm complexion.

After treating my skin to a radiating cocktail treatment, I’m going to finish it off with BB Glow. Since we have already been microneedling for a while, our skin is open and ready to receive the tinted serum. Overall, I was pretty happy with the results. The botox facial helped tighten and smooth the skin, while the peptides created a dewy glow. At the same time, the BB Glow treatment helped even my skin tone. One of the greatest parts of at-home skincare is the ability to do your own research and craft the cocktail best for your skin.


Here are the Products I Used

Dr. Pen https://bit.ly/KimUsesDrPenUSA Save with KAOS12

Niod Serum https://amzn.to/3scLxVK

Nanoneedles and Placenta https://jbpglobalusa.com/discount/KAOS10

Hyafillia http://bit.ly/HyaFiliaUSA Save with KAOS10

Light Therapy Device https://amzn.to/3BKMwQc


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