Nira Laser

The non-ablative, non-fractional laser, the Nira, is one of my favorite skincare staples. The Nira rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. Using resurfacing laser technology, it promises to build collagen and thus reduce wrinkles and redness. As you apply the Nira around your eyes, a wavelength is sent to the lower layers of your skin without harming the outer layers. As the heat penetrates those layers, collagen production is stimulated in a semi-painless way. If this sounds familiar you might be comparing it to a few other treatments, like Plasma Fibroblast or even medical grade laser treatments.

As I mentioned in this post, the major difference between these is time and money. Compared to a once-a-month professional appointment, the Nira requires a few minutes every day. However, that time saves you money and can even offer greater results. The Nira is a great option for a quick daily treatment for anyone who’s too busy or not looking to spend thousands on a professional. I have honestly come to love this device and the results that come with it!


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