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Radio Frequency Faustina

The Faustina Radio Frequency device uses certain wavelengths to heat deeper layers of tissue. There are a lot of claims surrounding radio frequency and skincare so it can be pretty difficult to figure out if it works, if it is worth it, and if you should try it. The idea behind radiofrequency is through using this technique you are able to generate heat into the dermis layers of your skin without harmer your epidermal. As those layers are damaged, your body produces a controlled trauma response which boosts collagen. Essentially, by damaging the lower layers of your skin you are allowing them to rejuvenate and lift your youthful features.

The Faustina Radiofrequency device uses a series of levels, each with different purposes. Levels 1 and 2 focus on cleansing and moisturizing. Level 3, EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, helps tone and firm weaker muscles. The second to last level is an RF Heating level, which uses LED-produced heat to detoxify and improve circulation. And finally, a cooling level that shrinks pores and locks in moisture. With so many options, the Faustina RF might be the perfect addition to your skincare routine!


Which Products Did I Use?

Faustina Radio Frequency

Real Barrier Extra Moisture Mask


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