Hifu Pt. 1

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or Hifu for short, targets regeneration in deep layers of the skin. This relatively new procedure provides a non-invasive way to lift and firm your skin. The Hifu works by heating up deeper epidermal layers in the skin. This causes your body to experience controlled cellular damage. You might be a little confused. Why would you want to damage your skin, when you’re trying to improve it? That’s where collagen comes in. When your body sends trauma responses, it increases the production of collagen. As collagen production improves, so does the texture and tone of your skin. So, looking from an overall perspective this controlled damage helps to regenerate and replenish your skin.

As I opened and got myself ready, I was honestly a little intimidated. Other than manufacturing instructions and a couple of videos, there is not a ton of information on this procedure. Before starting this treatment, I mapped out my skin and lined the areas I planned to do. With high-intensity procedures like this, it’s important to have a plan and understand what you’re doing. Using the Hifu, one of the first things you notice is your pain tolerance. Unlike other treatments, like Plasma Fibroblast or Acid Peels, the pain is not an immediate stinging. Instead, it is more of a dull pain that builds as you hold. Throughout this procedure, I could definitely feel its effects. I can’t wait to see how it changed my skin!


Which Products Did I Use?

Hifu Body   

Portable Hifu Machine

Mini Hifu 3 in 1

V-Shape Hifu Machine


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