Matrigen B-Tox Peel

Matrigen B-TOX Peel

The B-TOX Acid Peel promises to brighten your complexion and reverse the effects of aging. Based in Korea, Matrigen promises to detoxify and renew your skin. Compared to TCA peels, the B-Tox Acid works a little differently. The B-TOX Powder is based on deep-sea biosilica powder. It helps penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Combined with the B-TOX Solution, it works to stimulate and open skin cells.

Due to its gentle effects, this b-tox acid peel mask could be perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. This non-invasive procedure helps stimulate cell regeneration and rejuvenation. After opening your skin with the mask, the package instructs you to apply two ampoules. The first, the calming ampoule, helps soothe your skin and prepare it. The next, the regeneration ampoule,  works into the opened layers of your skin. According to Matrigen, this reconstructs cell tissue and accelerates the cell regeneration process. This B-TOX Acid Peel could be great for someone looking for a mellow, soothing treatment for their skin.


Here are the Products I Used:

Matrigen B-Tox Peel

Compressed Facial Mask Sheet

Silicon Face Mask

Face Mask Brush

Glo Skin Beauty Sunscreen


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