It’s official. We’re over halfway done with this monthly microneedling experience. You might be wondering if my skin has been affected yet. Microneedling results show up approximately four to six weeks after each session, as the collagen has a chance to build. However, most estheticians rule by 3 to 6 procedures to see prime results. Evidently shown in the before and after pictures, microneedling has been incredible for my skin. Increased collagen and elastin production has increased my skin’s overall radiance and texture.

This month I tried using the A6 from Dr. Pen. As shown, it was slightly more aggressive during microneedling. Like many, you might be concerned about the bruising. When you go deeper into the epidermal layer, especially in more vascular areas, it is natural for bruising to occur. Luckily, the bruising tends to go away a few days later. If you have more questions about why this happens, check out my Microneedling 101 post. With only three sessions left, I can’t wait to show the full effects!


Which products were used?

Dr. Pen A6 Use code Kaos 12 for a discount!

Numb Skin Cream

Numb Master Cream

Asterwood Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Secret Beauty Club EGF Serum




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