Microneedling Session #2

It’s been a month since my first video and now it’s officially time for session two of microneedling at home! This month we are continuing to use the same peptide complex serum and the A1 microneedle pen from Dr. Pen. Even during this one-month period, I have begun to notice changes to my skin texture and tightness. When you microneedle at home it is super important to use a serum along with water in your process. Keeping the skin well hydrated prevents scarring and cracks, and helps your skin to heal faster. The puncture wounds from the microneedling process allow the serums to be absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. This allows them to be more effective. Peptide serums are one of my favorites to microneedle with. This complex uses natural functions to plump and hydrate the skin. As your face is already going through a lot of treatment from microneedling, I would recommend sticking to simple, less complex serums.


Which products were used?

Dr. Pen A1 https://bit.ly/KimUsesDrPenUSA SAVE USING KAOS12

36 Cartridge https://bit.ly/KimUsesDrPenUSA

Peptide Complex Serum https://amzn.to/3GDw8BU


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