30% TCA Peel

TCA Peels are an effective treatment to reduce unwanted skin blemishes and contribute to the overall texture of your skin. Trichloroacetic acid is one of the most common acids used, due to its dependability and effectiveness. The differing concentrations of these peels can be used for different results. A typical rule of thumb is the higher the concentration, the deeper the peel. To produce the results I am looking for, I’m using the 30% TCA peel. Typically, TCA acts as a more effective exfoliating agent. This is especially true with the 30% TCA concentration. If you’re considering a chemical peel, make sure to choose which is best for you. My Chemical Peels 101 Post goes over how to pick the best peel for your skin type.

After applying the peel, the TCA penetrates the superficial epidermis and begins its process. Frosting occurs as the TCA Peel neutralizes itself, marking the end of the peel. As an effective resurfacing agent, 30% TCA Peels help treat your blemishes and unwanted markings. Throughout the days following a peel, you will notice tightening, and eventually the peel. As your skin flakes off a new, fresh layer is revealed.


Here are the Products I Used:

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Numbing Cream

Dyson Blow Dryer


Rose Ointment

Lavender Essential Oil

Frankincense Essential Oil

Pure Block Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay Serozinc 

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