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Lipo Lax Fat Dissolve

Dissolve stubborn fat easily from the comfort of your own home, sounds tempting right? In our society, there are so many different ways to lose weight or achieve your so-called perfect body. Everywhere you turn new fat-dissolving techniques jump out at you from everywhere. Lipo Lax promises to eliminate fat deposits, especially in difficult places, but there is only one way to find out if it works. As I go through this 9-week treatment, I’ll attempt to unlock the secrets of success and determine the effectiveness of this product. 

Today, I will be focusing on my stomach and thigh area and will use these pens to hopefully break apart these fat cells. Lipo Lax uses a painless solution made of body cell membranes, known as PPC. Through a therapy based on lipolysis, the separation and destruction of fat cells occur. With about 6,000 procedures a month, Lipo Lax tends to be a very popular practice. However, as I test we’ll be able to find out how effective it truly is. 


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  1. Hello, I’m wanting to do Lipo lab injections in my bowels. I have a very small face and these jowls are super tiny. Still… I notice them. Is this possible

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