Mesotherapy Journey

Mesotherapy Journey

by Kim Pratt | Jul 14, 2022 | MESOTHEARPY | 0 comments

My Mesotherapy Journey

Hello, my name is Ryan. I have been doing mesotherapy on my skin for about four years now and have been obsessed with the results. The amount of nutrients and collagen building ingredients is paramount to the overall rejuvenation and age prevention of my skin.

What products did I start with?

Firstly, I utilize Hyaron which is a skin humectant. Curenex is a PRN cocktail with multitudes of different beneficial ingredients. Ammi capture time promotes longer lasting volume and supports neocollagenesis.

Secondly, I use liquid PCL from Rejuner Gold and Rejuner Black depending on the area of application aids in the continual increase of structural support and in turn decrease fine line and wrinkles. Nefer Ti Ti solution provides a strong lifting effect to the neck and areas under the jaw helping prevent and mitigate the appearance of jaw laxity and the visual signs of jowls, Regenevue Aquashine adds lasting hydration and a natural glow.

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Why Mesotherapy?

The dermis is where all of the skin cells are generated, if the product is not introduced to those matrixes then the production of healthy, new skin cells will not come to the surface with optimal results. When introducing these products and ingredients directly into the dermis it promotes collagen and fibroblasts to tighten the skin as well as brighten and tone your skin. Meso therapy can also be used to correct premature aging of the skin such as sunspots, and melasma as well as degradation of collagen synthesis.
It is important when introducing mesotherapy that you understand the overall effect that you are trying to achieve.

Mesotherapy Maintenance

With so many cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical companies promising amazing results it is important to consider the efficacy and overall cost over time. After years of using pharmaceutical and cosmetic skin care treatments, I am confident in saying that mesotherapy with the correct items has dramatically changed my skin for the better and has saved me a lot of money and time.

Lastly, quality topical skin products are incredibly important when it comes to preventing early signs of aging, discoloration, and negative effects on the skin but when you start from the generation of healthy skin it is easier to maintain and improve. Thank you, Ryan Dick, Natural Kaos App/team Member

The amount of nutrients and collagen-building ingredients is paramount to the overall rejuvenation and age prevention of my skin.

Ryan Dick Long Time Natural Kaos App Member & Assistant in the App
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