Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

by Kim Pratt | Jul 13, 2022 | OUTFITS | 0 comments

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The biggest sale of the year because it’s the only sale where beauty, clothes, shoes, and accessories go on sale for the fall/winter season. The dates below are for both online or in your nearest Nordstrom store. 

  1. Icon Early Access – If you’re Icon status, you can start shopping July 6th 
  2. Ambassador Early Access – If you’re Ambassador status, you can start shopping July 7th
  3. Influencer Early Access – If you’re Infleuncer status, you can start shopping July 9th
  4. Public Access – If you’re not a cardholder, you can start shopping July 15th

If you sign up for a Nordstrom Card you can get Early Access. 

Slide over each photo and the link to shop will pop up. xo-Kim


For me, this list was pretty simple to make. Each year I buy the Donna Karen deodorants, they last all year! I love my Riki loves Riki Mirror, it comes with two attachments, one for your phone and a magnifying mirror. Best Mirror on the market for such a great deal. T3 tools are worth it for their longevity, they are both durable and look nice on a vanity. I love the 1.25 barrel on the T3 Curl Wand and the T3 Hairdryer is lightweight. The Slip Hair scrunchies, love them. And the Necessarie Body wash. All of these are great for yourself or if you are picking up early birthday gifts or Christmas gifts.


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This year I picked some classic silhouettes. No matter the occasion you can wear these dresses in the fall and winter time. I also went with some simple and chic earrings as well as a great cross body bag and suede heel.


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Wear it for yoga or for running out to grab groceries, whatever you’re doing you will look put together and guaranteed to feel comfortable doing it! As you can see I went very monochrome with the color of the season. The reason for that is you can change up these pieces every day making several different casual outfits. I love Sweaty Betty and Zella and I really love a good sale.

Tops & Denim

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Stick to your basics when buying classic pieces that will last into the next year. The denim is an example of what is good for each fall and winter months. The thing I love most about denim is once you throw a blazer on it is instantly chic.  I love this easy top and the sweaters can easily be worn on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners with a skirt. 

I hope you enjoyed my picks this year, comment below and let me know. xo- Kim

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