It’s time to microneedle again! This time we’ll be trying out my Illuma Pen. If you’re wondering about the difference between the Illuma and Dr. Pen, my pen comparison video goes into further detail.  Rather than using a serum, today I am microneedling with the Celltermi Stem cells. These cells are genetically engineered to improve skin health and appearance. Combing with the Celltermi Pure, increases the benefits and thickens the texture of the serum. Additionally, ensuring the skin is well hydrated with the serum allows the pen to more swiftly glide across the skin. This prevents any possible cracks or injuries. Microneedling opens the skin, which allows serums and treatments to advance into deeper layers. Through utilizing the skin’s vulnerability, each product is more easily absorbed and assists in the healing process.

Which Products Did I Use?

Illuma Pen Save $100 with code BBGLOW

Celltermi Stem Cell Or Save 10% with KAOS10


Celltermi Pure

Numbing Cream Save 12% with code KAOS12


UV Protection Face Shield

Cicapair Color Correcting


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