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Casual Chic

This is an easy on the go outfit perfect for a day at the Kbeauty Expo 2022 in Seoul Korea.

Airport Outfit

Stay cool and warm in layers while traveling for 17 hours. Fashion does not have to suffer for comfort. 

All Day Outfit Expo Day to Shopping and Dinner

Layers are key when going to Korea during the month of October. 

Full Day Running Around

For the Expo and Going to the Markets in Korea and finally perfect for hitting a Spa!

Business Lunch

Expo Day and Lunch with The Natural Kaos Vetted Vendors 

Swim And Pajamas
One Dress 3 Ways!

This is making the most of the clothes that I will have packed. One dress is worn three ways for Expo Day, Shopping, and Dinner. 

Mix and Match to Switch it Up

You can easily take your day pants to dinner and Vice Versa. Lastly, bring layers during the months of October – November while visiting Korea. Temperatures can range from the 80s-70s during the day, to the 60s -50s at night. 

Black Cami Top 

Sequin Jacket

RockStud Heels


Cobra Bracelet 

Travel Gear & Camera’s and Camera Gear

Linked: All packing gear and toiletries 

Cameras and Gear 

Watch My Live Try On & Packing For Korea! xo- Kim
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