40th Birthday Celebration | Hawaii

40th Birthday Celebration | Hawaii

by Kim Pratt | Mar 9, 2022 | MAKEUP, OUTFITS, VACATION | 1 comment

For my 4oth Birthday, I wanted to celebrate the morning with all of you! Thank you for always showing up for me, your love and support mean so much. And thank you for all the Birthday wishes! Jason reserved a cabana for me with a view straight out to Waikiki beach.  My setup for the live was perfect, we even had music the whole time! Here is my beach skin routine and a little makeup get ready with me. Bring on the forties, let’s do this! xoxo- Kim

My Routine

Simple Beach Routine. 

Aceology Eye Patches

So Hydrating.

The Route Gold Mask

THE ROUTE The Party Peel is a golden illuminizing peel. A blend of gentle acids enhanced by a unique oxygen delivery system to provide exfoliation.

Mask Cosrx

Snail Mucin Mask Hydration

Beach Makeup

I added a tiny bit of bronzer and cheek with a little gloss after my spf. All my accessories are linked AND my new pair of birthday shoes! Such a fun birthday morning! 

Sol Tanning Drops

I love these drops for perfect color to match my tan.

My Cabana Boy, Hahaha.

Bobbi Brown Palette

Face and Cheek Palette

Simple Beach Birthday Routine

And Just like that I was ready to watch the boys surf! 

Glow Shimmer for Body

Need that extra glow- I love this SPF for my body!

Click for more info about Lip Treatment Balm
All Products LISTED HERE:


The Route Gold Mask

Mask Cosrx

Face Wipes

Copper Tone Glow 

Becca Black Color play High Neck One-Piece Swimsuit 

Sol Jergens Drops

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen

Anthropologie Headband 

Aceology eye Masks 

Bobbi Brown Face and Cheek 

Revlon The Gloss 


My full GRWM on the beach! Ha!


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Tonya Yon

Tonya Yon

on March 13, 2022 at 12:28 pm

Happy Birthday Kim.You encourage me to try new things to help slow or reverse aging.

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