Curenex Snow Peel

Made from innovative technology, the Curenex Snow Peel exfoliates dead skin cells while supporting the cell’s metabolism. Every few weeks your skin goes through a cycle, where it will shed dead skin cells from the epidermal layer. This reveals the newly refreshed dermis. However, since your cell processes slow down or some areas struggle, the cycle is not always perfect. The Curenex Snow Peel regulates this cycle, using natural processes to replenish your skin.

The AHA/BHA ingredients found in the peel help active fibroblasts in the skin. This allows it to, prevent the loss of healthy cells and increases the production of new ones. The Curenex Snow Peel is made of Snow Peel Powder and a Snowpeel activator. The powder acts as a hydrolyzed sponge, allowing certain ingredients to be more easily absorbed. This C-Tox powder releases an enzyme into your skin that exfoliates when cell growth occurs, resulting in microdermabrasion. The activator includes Active Salmon DNA, Glutathione, and multi-peptide complexes. These ingredients are increase exfoliation while simultaneously rejuvenating the skin.

One thing I noticed after this peel, was how tightened my skin felt. The slight tingle reminded me to keep an eye out for the results over the next few days.  To finish, I combined this treatment with a hydrating face mask. This rejuvenating mask also uses Salmon DNA which increases your skin’s radiance and metabolism. This is a great treatment if you’re not looking for the intense TCA Peels, but are still interested in trying acid peels out!

Which Products Did I Use?

Curenex Snow Peel (Sadly, This mask is no longer available)

Curenex Salmon DNA Mask 

O2 Sheet Mask

Ava Isa Sunscreen


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  1. Did you actually peel from snow peel? When you said rubbing glass on your skin yep! That Sounds like spicules! Best described Liquid Microneedling (AKA Spicules) are like teeny tiny liquid needles that sink into the skin which then provide exfoliation, enhanced penetration of ingredients that help rejuvenate it at a deeper level contracting that collagen! Used in a lot Korean skin care. Hi

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