Nefer Ti Ti Neck Mesotherapy & Lumi Eyes Treatment

Nefer Ti Ti Neck Mesotherapy & Lumi Eyes Treatment

by Kim Pratt | Mar 15, 2022 | MESOTHEARPY | 0 comments

Meso Monday

Creating good habits by staying on a schedule. Using protocol it was time for another round of Lumi eyes – By now I like to get as much done in one session, so I coupled this session with the Nefer Ti Ti meso treatemt. Deciding on doing threads. Once I decieded to add PLLA mono threads around my chicken pox scar  it was time to build up the collagen in that area. 

Nefer Ti Ti MESO

First, I am definitely hoping to tighten and smooth out my neck with this product. So many. amazing ingredients. As a result, it does sting a bit, so numb up. 


Dermaren Lumi Eyes (Polynucleotide: PDRN)

It is a premium PDRN injection product which improves the conditions for damaged dermis with tissue regenerating material, purified DNA from salmon milt.

Polynucleotide Effect : Anti-Aging, Anti-fine Wrinkles, Skin Toning, Rejuvenation, and Improvement on Skin Elasticity.

For Instance , after a week I did notice a difference in my under eyes with my first round of Lumi Eyes. My Eyes looked more hydrated and full. I will keep you posted, perhaps this will become a staple in my meso treatments.


Code Kaos20

Nefer Ti Ti Meso


PLLA 12mm Threads

PLLA 12mm 31g Threads

PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid), Is a medical material for membrane
(tissue regeneration), suture and surgical sealant as a new facial treatment which works to stimulate collagen for a fresher and healthy skin. I inserted these threads between my brows focusing on building up collagen in this area,

For instance, PLLA is extracted from a plant –proven as absorbability and biodegradability 100% safe; breaks down into H2O, CO2 and Lactic acid after treatments.

As a result, PLLA threads show immediate lifting effect, along with a longer-term regeneration of natural volume by producing natural collagen.



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