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After launching her own Halo Beauty brand, Tati Westbrook developed the Blendiful. Marketed as the beauty tool you didn’t know you needed, this blends your makeup perfectly. Its soft texture helps smooth powder and improve texture. While its unique shape ensures it will be able to reach all areas. Since her launch, this tool has been gaining attention like crazy.

Before introducing her new Blendiful tool, Tati came out with the Textured Neutrals Palette. Perfectly organized, this palette certainly deserves the hype. The palette is labeled by what finish your looking for, making it easy to use and understand. As demonstrated by her recent post, Tati Westbrook supports the idea that makeup is meant for everyone. Each of us is at different skill levels, yet we don’t have to be professional makeup artists to try out some fun makeup. Both of Tati’s products, the blendiful and palette, were extremely beneficial. The effort she put into creating the perfect makeup line paid off.


Which Products Did I Use?

Two-Faced Lip Injection Extreme https://amzn.to/3xDbwsC

Sephora Concealer https://amzn.to/37q2K6B

It Mascara https://amzn.to/3Oki9Gb

Clarins Instant Light https://amzn.to/382Q99a

Tati Beauty Blendiful

Tati Beauty Palette https://www.tatibeauty.com/password


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