Beauty Pie

Beauty Pie

Throughout the past year and a half, my love for Beauty Pie has grown like crazy. As a clean, vegan-friendly brand, each of its products is perfect for different skin types. In addition to their high quality, Beauty Pie also sells its products at affordable prices. This direct-to-consumer makeup offers luxury products perfect for your skin. Founded by the renowned beauty enthusiast, Marcia Kilgore, this brand saves money for its consumers. They purchase high-end products in bulk and work to save their buyers money by passing on those savings.

Even with all the positivity surrounding this brand, there is still a tiny setback that stops some people from taking advantage of it. Beauty Pie works through a membership policy. Though some of its products can be found individually, most require a monthly or annual membership. Luckily, these prices aren’t unreasonable and grant you the member-discounted prices. Beauty Pie might be a great option if you’re looking to stick to one brand. With the wide variety of high-quality products, I definitely recommend these products. The value of each of their products is definitely worth the price.


Which Products Did I Use?


*Note – I am no longer an affiliate with this brand.*


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