TOXIN Platysmal Bands and Syniro Mesotherapy

Innotox for Platysmal Bands and Syniro Mesotherapy

by Kim Pratt | Mar 1, 2022 | MESOTHEARPY, TOXIN | 1 comment

Innotox Platysmal Bands and Syniro Mesotherapy

Meso Monday. I used Innotox for my platysmal bands and I did Syniro for my Mesotherapy session. 

Platysmal bands

What I do for my Platysmal Bands

Platysmal bands are caused by aging and thickening of two edges of the neck muscles that run up the front left and right sides of your neck mid-line, all the way to your chin.

Toxin can be used as stand-alone treatment to restore a more youthful neck.

Modest doses of Toxin can soften the appearance of the vertical platysma bands. It’s a low-risk option for anyone seeking to improve their appearance. As you will see in the video I was very careful with my dosing.


Innotox, Syniro, Meso needles,  and Toxin Book.  Starting products, LYMA Vitamins, NIRA, BOSIDIN IPL, and High Frequency Wand.


SYNIRO – is a VI generation derma modulator based on modified partially stabilized hyaluronic acid. PDRN and a complex of biomimetic peptides.

High performance Syniro provides:

PDRN (2%) – Our cells use polydeoxyribonucleotide as a structural basis for the synthesis of nucleic acids and their factors, as well as for repairing our own DNA.

These processes are especially necessary for damaged cells in a state of reduced metabolism, as well as under stress.

As a result of the use if SYNIRO preparation, the functional activity of aged and damaged keratinocytes and fibroblasts is restored.

Thanks to PDRN, a powerful regenerative process arises in the cell, allowing us to rejuvenate our skin.

Indications for use of SYNIRO

  • Age-related skin changes with fine wrinkled and deformation type of aging, as well as prevention of the appearance of the first signs of aging
  • Preparation for plastic surgery and rehabilitation after surgery
  • Dehydrated and stressed skin
  • Rosacea
  • Skin restoration after laser procedures and chemical skin peels
  • Preparation for thread techniques and invasive procedures
  • Prevention of pathological scarring
  • The presence of age spots and age wrinkles
  • Unevenness and dullness of the skin tone
  • Reduced tone and elasticity of the skin

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