Miracle Acid Peel

Miracle Peel claims to be more powerful than nearly any other acid, including TCA Peels. Its oil-based formula helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin, without the pain caused by acid peels. The miracle peel works most effectively to treat acne scars and discolorations. After years dedicated to creating the perfect formula, SkinPeelShop claims to have created the perfect peel for all skin types. In addition to removing acne scars, this peel prevents acne by clearing the comedogenic obstruction in your pores.

Before applying the peel, the kit instructs you to apply the primer. Like acid peel treatments, it is necessary to have a clean surface before application. Over the course of three days, the miracle peel works to penetrate deeper into your skin and continually exfoliate your pores. In the days following my treatment, my skin began to flake. Unlike more concentrated peels, where the skin peels off in sheets, the miracle peel only caused my skin to flake. The flaking reminded me of what would happen if you layered a 15% TCA Peel. Over the next two weeks, my skin continued to flake and eventually revealed the new layer beneath. Though I am unsure if this peel was more effective than TCA Peels, the tolerable treatment certainly helped tighten and radiate my skin.


Here are the Products I Used:

Miracle Peel 


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