Red Carpet Peel

If you’re like me, you might be wondering what is the Red Carpet Peel? I was recently introduced to this new acid peel and have been intrigued ever since. With summer finally over, it’s time to hit restart. The Red Carpet Peel from Dermalure utilizes natural ingredients to improve the tone, clarity, and texture of your skin. It exfoliates damaged skin, allowing you to rid yourself of scarring and discoloration. In addition, it helps tighten your skin. This leads to reduced wrinkles and rough patches. Each core ingredient plays a pivotal role in this peel, so let’s go over them.

Retinaldehyde aka Retinol

Working to increase cell turnover, Retinol helps to improve cell firmness and texture. It helps promote collagen and elastin, increasing your skin’s elasticity.

Tricholoroacetic Acid aka TCA

You might recognize this acid from other peels. This exfoliating acid works to break down proteins and remove dead or damaged layers of skin. It helps with the overall appearance of your skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acid

Another common ingredient in acid peels, BHA works to exfoliate your skin. Its lipid structure helps it to clear excess oils and unclog pores.

Resorcinol & Phenol

These disinfecting ingredient helps ensure the expulsion of bacteria. Their cleansing properties allow it to remove unwanted substances and prevent them from reentering.


The Red Carpet Peel is a great option for anyone. Dermalure, the manufacturer, offers a variety of strengths, meaning you can choose what concentration of acid you want to use. Immediately after using this product, my skin felt tighter. Due to the lifted texture, I could tell the skin had been penetrated. The Red Carpet Peel was a great option to rejuvenate my skin. It’s exfoliating properties helped stimulate a glowing tone and texture.


Here are the Products I Used:

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Glo Sunscreen 

Retin A


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