Natural Kaos Podcast: Skincare Uncensored

Natural Kao’s Skincare App new community podcast.

My goal with this is to also bring awareness to our app and normalize what we do in the skincare App. The Podcast will include anyone from our App who wants to share their skincare story. We have an amazing amount of talented people from all sorts of backgrounds. Quite a few from medical backgrounds.

I love podcasts and find a different type of connection with people thru conversation. I’m excited about this because I feel like I’m always talking to the community in lives and videos.

The Skincare Uncensored podcast will be available on all platforms you listen to podcasts. This link takes you to the show’s main page but you can subscribe wherever you prefer listening. Link: Thank you so much to the Natural Kaos App Community for being a part of this new chapter 😘

Skincare Uncensored Link: Trailer 

Episode 1: Starting Out: In this initial episode for Skincare Uncensored, I’m joined by Andrea and Melissa. They are admins in the Natural Kaos App and I thought hearing from them in this opening phase could give more insight into how we get so much accomplished every week. I love that they shared how they found the Natural Kaos community and how their skincare journeys have evolved over time. We all start somewhere and I hope hearing these stories, helps anyone listening to this podcast to feel more at ease and inspired to better themselves at any point. Link: Episode 1

Ep 2: Ryan, Acne & Self Empowerment
I chat with Ryan; he has been a long time Natural Kaos member, he does LIVE demo’s in the App and helps me with special projects. We cover his experience with cystic acne, using Acutane, and his skin recovery. We talk about his first self-administered tox and his feelings about professional skincare at home. I hope you find this episode uplifting and inspiring. We all start somewhere and I hope hearing these stories, helps anyone listening to this podcast to feel more at ease and inspired to better themselves at any point. Link: Episode 2

Ep 3: Dotty

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5 thoughts on “Natural Kaos Podcast: Skincare Uncensored”

  1. Melissa Carpenter

    You should do videos on Rumble. I would love to have some other social media platform for this type of stuff. I know there is Locals also. Rumble compensates content providers and you have all those you could put on a channel. This is so wrong too many good people have been treated badly by YouTube and lost their channels. It has become anti free speech platform and I hate having to use it for skin care. I wouldn’t even use it if there was another social media platform.

  2. I can’t say that one blog has been my favorite because they all were great!I am like a sponge absorbing as much information as I can from everyone.In the blog we hear stories from a personal perspective.That makes it all the more interesting and informing.I did really enjoy “D’s” blog.She was so candid about her struggles and just in her graceful and humble style gave us a story that truly touched my heart.

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