Natural Kaos Tribe Trip Jun 22, 2022 2nd Zoom Meeting

Natural Kaos Tribe Trip February  2023

A Natural, Forward-Thinking Beach Enclave. Mexico’s Premiere, Award-Winning, Progressive Wellness & Spa Resort A secluded sanctuary with oceanfront swim-up suites, a jungle spa.  Gourmet restaurants overseen by chefs who have trained in Michelin-starred restaurants from around the globe.




4 thoughts on “Natural Kaos Tribe Trip Jun 22, 2022 2nd Zoom Meeting”

  1. Blake Pablovich

    Thanks for putting this amazing trip together I’m planning on arriving on the 23rd and leaving on the 28th can you tell me if I would be better doing the 24th they the 29th?
    Thanks Blake

    1. Hello Blake! We will have a Zoom meeting in mid-July. I did check and the rates will stay the same for pre-stay and post. I think Kim will stay until the 29th as well. We will post in the App the next zoom meeting time. 😉

    1. Hi Blake! We will be announcing all the information needed in the App by the end of this week! We are excited too! 😉

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