Natural Kaos Vidanta Trip for Two Giveaway Zoom Meeting

Welcome Everyone! 

GIVEAWAY post for a 7 day HOLIDAY at your choice of 5 Vidanta properties. If you are here I know it’s because you are interested in the giveaway meeting we had scheduled. Here are some of the details. One thing thing that I did confirm today was that once the winner registers on the redemption website you have one year to use the giveaway. All links are inside the Natural Kaos App to Enter! Thank you so much to Jifu! If you are interested in saving on traveling here is the link for that since so many of you asked, LINK: JIFU TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP

xo- Kim

6 thoughts on “Natural Kaos Vidanta Trip for Two Giveaway Zoom Meeting”

  1. Definitely excited about the giveaway! I JIFU website and joined as a member for $25 and purchased the membership for paying my annual upfront to get a free week. They gave me points ; but I thought I was getting a week at Vidanta. I called them they’re having all kind of a technical difficulties.
    I’m hoping they’ll get it all smooth out real quickly

    1. Hi Natalie – it is the Natural Kaos App Members tribe Trip to House of AiA in Playa Del Carmen. If you are not already in the App come check it out. 💖

  2. Whoohoo!! All is handled quick and swiftly! Love it!!! Thank you for introducing us to JIFU!! Travel 🧳 is on my horizon

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