BB Glow Facial Preparation

What Is A BB Glow Treatment?

Simply put, BB Glow is the combination of power tinted serum that is applied using a microneedling pen and the application of a serum and tinted “makeup.”  The microneedling pen penetrates only the top layer of the skin. I use my Dr Pen M8 at a .25 depth with a 36 pin Cartridge.

One of the main benefits is you can microneedle with a pre-serum, like a salmon DNA peptide, and then brush on the tinted serum. It will both add nutrients to your skin and an overall natural tone.

Benefits of BB Glow Treatment

There are many ways to do a BB Glow treatment. For example, you can make a cocktail of just skin ingredients or you can do a tinted BB glow with botox that will leave you looking flawless. You pick the benefits from the type of cocktails you want to infuse into the top layer of your skin. Make sure to check out BBGlow Cocktails in the Natural Kaos App, and there are two available here on the blog. Below are some of the benefits of a BB Glow.

  • It provides you with overnight results
  •  Botox facial will gradually fade
  • Helps your complexion and skin tone for a few days with the skin tint
  • BB Glow reduces the appearance of pores.

How long does this Treatment Last?

BB Glow treatment is not meant to be permanent. Some treatments can last up to 7 days, and you can always do them again if needed.

Products Used: 

Omnilux Neck Mask 

Tripollar StopVx  Code: Naturalkaos25

Tripollar StopX  Code: Naturalkaos25

Vitamin B12 Injection Fillerhouse KAOS20

A6 Pen Dr Pen Kaos12 to save

Ceramic Egg Crate (serum holder)

Syringe for B12 Injection

Stayve BBglow Tint

Stayve Salmon DNA Gold

Dr. Pen M8 Dr Pen USA KAOS12

36 Pin Cartridge

HubisLab Nova Cell Brightening Mask Hyafilia KAOS10

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