What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone, aka HGH, is described as the key to anti-aging. As a child, we are fueled by this growth hormone. Produced in small amounts by the pituitary gland, it helps to regulate your tissue and organs throughout your life. As you age, your pituitary gland produces less and less of this hormone. Though research is limited, studies have shown increasing the amount of HGH in your bloodstream can stimulate healing and regenerative properties.

When HGH is inserted into your bloodstream, it lasts long enough for your liver to convert it to growth factors. From there, these growth factors are sent to every cell in your body, assisting in overall cell regeneration. This simple procedure can be done from the comfort of your home after the proper training. HGH pens are simple and nearly painless. HGH is a natural way to help rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural glow.

Which Products Did I Use?

HGH Pen     https://www.humatrope.com/


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