Halo Beauty Part 2

Six weeks ago I started trying out the hair, skin, and nails booster vitamin from Halo Beauty. While the improvements were pretty noticeable in the last video, the results in the next 6 weeks have been incredible. If you’re like me and struggle with picking or biting your nails, these vitamins might be for you. Halo Beauty sources its vitamins and antioxidants from naturally grown sources, such as fruits and vegetables. Instead of processed nutrients, the hair, skin, and nails booster provides your skin with clean, nutrition.

Each of the 21 ingredients comes from the highest quality sources to provide your body with the best. By promoting collagen and keratin production, your hair is able to grow thicker and longer, while improving the elasticity and regenerative properties of your skin. Though I’m sure these vitamins helped improve my skin and hair at least slightly, the effect they had on my nails was the most noticeable. After testing these vitamins, I definitely recommend trying them out and look forward to testing her other products from Halo Beauty.


Which Products Did I Use?


Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, & Nails Booster Bundle


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