Vita C 13 Mask

We all know the benefits of Vitamins. Known for its vital role in collagen synthesis, Vitamin C is especially important for your skin. The Vita-C 13 Mask from Merikit helps calm and rejuvenate your skin in multiple ways. This combination of antioxidants helps refresh your skin. The Vita-C mask also provides the necessary nutrients to protect your skin from aggressors, such as free radicals or UV rays. This all-encompassing formula is perfect for all skin types. The Vita-C Mask also has whitening properties to brighten and clear your skin, enhancing your glow. As I opened the package the first thought that popped into my mind was “Wow, this is not your ordinary face mask“. The multi-step process ensures your skin gets a full treatment.

Which Products Did I Use?

Ampoules (Not the full kit)


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