Scar Subcision to Release Chicken Pox Tissue

What is Subcision?

To dissolve unwanted scars, doctors use a process known as subcision. Using needles to separate stubborn fibers, this treatment helps break apart tissue and allows the skin to fully heal. When the needles are inserted beneath the scar, the depressed part of the scar is then released. As your body fights to heal this invasion, new fibrous tissue is formed. Throughout the next couple of days, your body will continue to regenerate new fibers. This allows the scar to be removed.

After researching the guidelines of this difficult procedure I decided to go to the doctors and share my experience with you, rather than do it myself. With little risk, the only concern with this procedure is results. As your body fights to regain its structure, the depressed scar will sometimes fall back into place. In addition, to releasing the depressed scarred tissue, subcision helps to build collagen and rejuvenate your skin. Subcision can be a great option to rid your face of unwanted markings or scars. If you are interested in learning about easier treatments, make sure to check out my microneedling and plasma fibroblast videos!

Which Products Did I Use?

If you’re looking for a doctor to do this procedure, I definitely recommend Dr. Rice.


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  1. Kim, that was super cool to watch! I didn’t know this existed and can’t wait for future videos and updates! ❤️ xoxo R

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