The BioEqua Enercharger uses pulsed electrical fields to firm, tighten and lift your skin. In order to create this effect, the BioEqua blows a cold ion into deeper layers of your skin. When the cold ions interact,  the fibrous tissue is immediately tightened. As you consistently use this device, your cellular metabolism speeds up. This helps to increase fibroblast processes and collagen production. One of the best perks of this device is you don’t have to sit and treat your face for hours on end. Instead, BioEqua recommends using it for a few minutes as part of your daily skincare. They claim just one minute deeply hydrates the skin. Two, contours your face, and three refines your pores. Over about a week you should be able to see a reduction in fine lines. However, the most difference is noticeable after about four weeks. The BioEqua promises improved tone and texture, fewer wrinkles, and more defined features.


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