LizTox Toxin Treating My Neck

LizTox Toxin Treating My Neck

by Kim Pratt | May 23, 2022 | TOXIN | 1 comment


Liztox is a highly-purified clostridium botulinum toxin type A for correction and preventive care of mimic wrinkles. Due to inhibition of signaling between muscles and motor nerves, the product acts as a myorelaxant and is used for the control of dynamic wrinkles. The effect of Liztox is reached by the correction of both, small and deep wrinkles. Applying regularly, the product effectively prevents the formation of new folds. In addition, Liztox may be used for the treatment of increased diaphoresis via injections at the prespiratory gland localization (palms, axillae, feet). The apparent benefit is the local effect of the drug at the injection area that allows to correct cosmetical defects or provide treatment (at hyperhidrosis) without any side effects on the whole body. Strengths of Liztox:

  • The high degree of product purification
  • Botulinum Toxin of the product is metabolized very fast by the organism so the effect becomes visible even after 3-7 days after the procedure
  • The product is safe and has minimal side effects
  • Using the micro-papula technique, the product may be applied for the correction of thin wrinkles in the lips area.
LizTox Reconstituted

100 units of LizTox plus Two milliliters of saline creates 5 units per .1 milliliter. So from 0 -10 on the syringe is 5 units and 10- 20 is another 5 units and so on. I go over this in the App and the live of me injecting Liztox in my platysmal bands is in the App. Below you can watch me map out my neck and answer questions about LizTox on my TikTok Live Prep. 

I took my vitamin B shot which you can read about the one I take HERE: Hycomin. Below is a list of products I use for my setup. xo- Kim

Products Used:

Fillerhouse KAOS20
Dermics KAOS10


B12 Injections

Syringe and Needle for B12 Injection

Insulin Syringes

Bentpla Gel

Lip Filler and PCL Threads for Lips Natural Kaos

Lip Filler and PCL Threads for Lips Natural Kaos

Lip Filler I used CellTermi Gel C for my lips, however before I did that I placed 10 PCL threads in my lips. Celltermi Gel C is a medium crosslink Hyaluronic Acid. I added 1.5 to each side of my lips and down at the bottom to even them out and give me a bit of a pout….

by Kim Pratt | Sep 26, 2022 | FILLER, THREADS

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Trisha Thorne

Trisha Thorne

on June 3, 2022 at 3:20 pm

Is liztox similar to innotox. Same benefits?

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