Nabota is a Korean toxin designed to reduce or eliminate glabellar lines. Glabellar lines, the lines found on your forehead, tend to be caused by facial expressions. In addition to aging, these lines can be created by stress or unhealthy habits. As your skin begins to lose collagen, its elasticity decreases, and lines become more prominent. Luckily, the Nabota toxin was created to prevent this. Like Botox, when the Nabota toxin is injected it releases a bacteria causing the muscles to contract and block nerve signals. After doing some research, I marked up my face and got ready to dive in. Nabota’s high purity ensures a high success rate. It also means 2.5mL per marking is enough to create the desired effect.

After about 5 weeks I decided to check-in. Overall, I was pretty happy with the way they turned out. Everywhere, except my mouth are, felt tightened and lifted. The Nabota toxin helped reduce my lines and provide my face with a lifted, youthful texture. If you’re interested in trying, make sure you do your research! Toxins can be dangerous when not used properly, so make sure to create a plan and stick to it. Interested in learning more? Make sure to look for my other posts!


Which Products Did I Use?

2 x 1CC 31G Syringe

2mL syringe

.9% Sterile Saline

Alcohol Swabs



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