December 19, 2021

Lipo Lax

Lipo Lax Fat Dissolve

Dissolve stubborn fat easily from the comfort of your own home, sounds tempting right? In our society, there are so many different ways to lose weight or achieve your so-called perfect body. Everywhere you turn new fat-dissolving techniques jump out at you from everywhere. Lipo Lax promises to eliminate fat deposits, especially in difficult places,

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EZ Injector

EZ Injector

The EZ Injector allows you to inject products into your skin in a supposedly less painful way. Instead of using needles, this device uses negative water pressure. This allows the injections to more smoothly into your skin and increases moisturization. Combined with Glamour Hyaluronic Acid Booster, Ia attempted to gently hydrate my skin and improve

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The BioEqua Enercharger uses pulsed electrical fields to firm, tighten and lift your skin. In order to create this effect, the BioEqua blows a cold ion into deeper layers of your skin. When the cold ions interact,  the fibrous tissue is immediately tightened. As you consistently use this device, your cellular metabolism speeds up. This

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EZ Inject

EZ Inject 2

It’s time to try the EZ Injector again! After learning from my first experience, I decided to numb before treatment. Using water pressure, the EZ Injector allows you to inject serums to replenish and rejuvenate your skin. Though I wouldn’t say this device is easy, it can be a great way to inject serums without

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