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HAUS Lady Gaga Review

If you’re pretty up to date with celebrities, you must be familiar with Lady Gaga. From her incredible voice to her creative out-of-the-box thinking, Lady Gaga is an artist. Recently, she came out with her own line of makeup under the brand name, HAUS. When I first purchased her products the first thing I said was wow. The first wow was I’m so excited to test out these products! Then my exclamation turned more to whoa her creativity for HAUS makeup is a little confusing. In addition to naming the colors, she gave different names to the overall branches of makeup, making it a little confusing if you’re not a total beauty guru. So, let’s dive into her products. I’ll explain more about their purpose, pros, and cons, and finally test them out. According to Lady Gaga, HAUS makeup is all about expression and how you see yourself. She inspires you to check in with your inner artist and explore. Her makeup allows you to use your natural beauty to express yourself. Each of the bundles I tried was such an inspiration.


Which Products Did I Use?

Chained Ballerina Bundle https://amzn.to/3vNi2vw

Rose B*tch Bundle https://amzn.to/3kGi3v3

Rockstar Bundle https://amzn.to/3KOb7X6


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