Youtube Wrongfully Terminates Mom Three Times! Allowing Cyber Bullies to Prevail

Correct. My third Youtube channel was terminated. There is no cause besides an email that tells me it was terminated. I’m tired of fighting off cyberbullies. If you think I’m making this up, I’m not. I have thumbs-downs even before a video premier. Only people who stalk accounts with the intent to bully and try to get them kicked off YouTube do this.
My original skincare channel had nearly 40 million views and 172K subscribers. That channel was terminated on Friday, August 13, 2021, and you can read that entire saga in a previous post.
10 days later they terminate my Natural Koas LIFE channel which had 6K subscribers and was full of family videos. I wrote about that illogical termination in another post.
I was terminated for the third time today, September 13, 2021. If you read my previous posts and are familiar with this situation you realize that my channels were never hobbies. Since the day I joined YouTube at the beginning of June 2018, I’ve made content with intention and a tremendous amount of effort, not merely time but incredible financial investments.
After realizing we were not getting anywhere with appeals since it was a farce as to why I was terminated. I started a new channel. Initially, I created this channel so I could speak to and rectify the slander one YouTube account was spewing about me.
We’ve since learned that this gross woman has a criminal record and connections to an online cyberbullying circuit. Her previous mod has verified that this account for the past 2 years has not only been stealing from me but has been reporting my channel non-stop.
My rebuttal video to her slander identified not only that she was completely lying; you can read this entire situation here; but that she was also purposefully violating FTC policies. As soon as this video went up her bots and fake accounts came out, most accounts were created during the days I first launched this video. There was nothing in this video that violated community guidelines, in fact, it brought to light what this vicious account had been doing for the past 2 years with proof.
This FTC Violator video and new channel Natural Kaos Responds aired on September 4, 2021. The only person who wanted this video down was Annie Marie Boatright, aka Bikini Iron Beauty. This woman is not only foul she violates nearly every community guideline YouTube specifies, yet she stays up. It’s because no one cares about her, it’s the reason she doesn’t get any views. Further, she keeps her rant video up because my name, Natural Kaos, which she has since changed to “NK”, keeps her video getting views.
My name is trademarked and YouTube allows criminals to abuse me with it and more disgusting she has a channel named Natural Kaos TMI where she does her cyberbullying. She takes my TikTok content and uses words on top of the videos to make fun of me. Again, the only reason these videos receive views is because of the use of my name, Natural Kaos.
We saw an account last week go on Twitter, demanding that my account be taken down, it said I was “violating the dangerous content policy” and that I had already been terminated from YouTube and I was attempting to circumvent. This is a full lie, perpetuated by this disgusting person to get this video down which speaks volumes to her real character.
All I’ve ever done on YouTube is told the truth. I’ve told the truth about my experiences with products and I’ve told the truth about wrongdoing in our community. It seems whenever I’m transparent and honest I’m targeted and YouTube supports this targeting.
As my response video became popular and people who wondered where I went came and found me, which was incredibly heart filling!
Thank you, to the thousands who came back. Liked, Commented, and Watched. You deserve better than what has been going on. YouTube’s value is providing an effective content search, not judging your desired content.
People asked if I would load previous skincare videos. I decided I would because YouTube never said I couldn’t have another channel, in fact, there are sites that suggest if you can’t get YouTube to respond and clarify, to start again. As a person who works hard day in and day out, I decided I would begin again. I took it as a challenge, not to fight YouTube but to follow their previous criticism and show that I could rebuild with their new terms outlined.
I did not upload anything that was injectable or considered dangerous. I had a PRP injection video in a professional office, that is not violating any policies. My other videos were acid peel videos and a microneedling video. This week I was releasing the plasma fibroblast videos that everyone had liked from previous years. There were no out-of-country links. I mostly linked to Amazon and skin store types of locations. They said I was linking to online pharmacies previously, that was never the case, but to ensure I didn’t have any other issues I focused on Amazon and other typical affiliate programs.
Around 3:00 pm PST I started receiving messages that the channel was gone.
How could this be?
What did I do besides be me?
Why is being me so wrong?
After the incredible work, I’ve done on YouTube, to not even be given a chance to speak. A chance to share with them that I feel I’m being unfairly targeted. That I have a person who first targeted me in June 2019 and has never stopped. Why would YouTube not take 30 minutes to talk with me? Why is an ambiguous termination, which is brought about by a troll account that only defrauds people, the account YouTube chooses to support?
I doubt anyone at YouTube is even aware. I feel their bot system is compromised. In the previous post about when my family channel was removed and “Maya” from YouTube attempted to explain the situation, it felt like she wasn’t even paying attention. The items she cited for termination never made any sense. Additionally, remember when she said on September 3, 2021, we would have access to the money YouTube owed me for the past 45 days. Well, it’s September 13, 2021, I still don’t have access, and I doubt they will ever pay. This is advertising fraud as well. Summer months are low, but even during the lowest CPM months, YouTube would have owed me a few thousand dollars.
Youtube, I would appreciate being paid for what I did before you terminated my Natural Kaos account.
Unfortunately, this is the reality. Troll accounts do hurt good accounts. YouTubes system does not protect creators nor does it invest in infrastructure for helping those who actually have a full-time business working on YouTube.
Some might ask if Youtube is horrible, unstable, and abusive; why strive to be there?
Because YouTube is the only game in town. No other platform has the search that YouTube offers. No other platform pays as much for views. YouTube is what I utilized to grow this skincare community. It worked because I made a video on a topic, you searched google or youtube, either worked, and you found me. This same universal search does not work anywhere else.
Google / Youtube have replaced the phone line. They are our communication. They replaced the phone book with search. In the past, Pacific Bell provided you a phone line to the outside world. You could call whoever you wanted. Perhaps executives at Pacific Bell didn’t like your conversation, but it didn’t matter, they couldn’t cut your phone line and tell you they would not provide you service. Currently, a middle manager in Mountainview, California decides on our conversations. Our points of view and our understandings are different. YouTubes ambiguity most likely makes weighing in on subjects like skincare and skincare procedures difficult, especially for a middle-aged man sitting at a computer.
When YouTube terminates content based on their own random sensibility they are a publisher. They can no longer be protected by section 230, they are a publisher, not a platform.
Nothing on my initial channel Natural Kaos, second family channel Natural Kaos Life, and this third channel Natural Kaos Responds violated the law. Their definition of dangerous varies across the internet and because they will not specifically identify how I have broken any rule or how my channel is more egregious than others, it not only appears I’m targeted wrongfully, but it seems YouTube cannot impose consequences equally. This calls into question discrimination or is Youtube protected from discrimination claims as well?
I’m exhausted from this abuse. I don’t have the millions other’s shell out to file injunction’s to maintain their channels. As a small youtube channel supporting my family why do I have to sue to protect myself from online cyberbullying as well as the platform that supports these bullies?
The world has gone crazy. No one is female or male. 2 plus 2 no longer equals 4. And victimhood trumps merit. When will the constitution protect its citizens again from corrupt organizations that violate human rights, personal freedom, and censor conversations they don’t like.
I’m a mother of 4 small boys. I’m responsible for censoring the content they receive. When they are adults, that responsibility is no longer mine, it’s theirs. All my channels were marked, “not made for kids”, so can someone explain to me how items I purchase from Amazon and use on myself violate YouTube so egregiously that I am not allowed to have a YouTube channel?
What about our new family channel, Beauty and the yard? It’s about a family doing yard projects together. The trailer is up and already received 5 thumbs down. It has now received over a thousand views but those thumbs down happened right when I first shared about this new adventure.
Only people who were truly interested in me and my family would come and watch this trailer. No one on youtube knows this channel exists, it’s not in search or being promoted. They target anything I do. They know that once a channel is terminated, it is incredibly difficult to get YouTube to respond. Basically, YouTube’s system is if enough trolls attack a channel it’s terminate. Then the creator needs to fight to get our attention and maybe we will respond, maybe we won’t. Remember millions of channels are being created daily and YouTube does not invest in customer care for their creators. In this environment, only troll accounts prevail and good content and successful creators who are targeted are forced to change paths.
If you want to help get YouTube’s attention please Re-Tweet
Moving forward I’m still trying to get my YouTube channel reinstated. It’s wrong and unjust that any of my channels were removed. I will continue to fight to get them returned because it’s the right thing to do and I refused to be silenced by a platform I loved being on for 3.5 years.
As I navigate the YouTube fight, we have begun uploading to a professional Vimeo account to house our videos. These will be embedded into the new website that is nearly complete. If you are an app member you will still get content that is not publicly available.
The new site will have a good portion of my youtube videos and these will be public. Then the more sensitive natured videos will be private and only accessible from your Natural Kaos App.
If you’re interested in joining the Natural Kaos App you can find it on IOS and Android.
The app is $10 per month. Cancel anytime. You get better promo codes inside as well as a community with a wealth of info that they are sharing. We love being together in our own space and we think you will like it too:)
*Natural Kaos LLC owns the Natural Kaos App and benefits financially from your participation in our community.
Thank you for being on this journey with me. I never thought empowering myself with skincare would become so dramatic. The realization of our lack of rights is really sinking in and I hope together we all find the silver lining of this traumatic and disappointing situation.
When I have the new site up with videos and content you will receive the news everywhere! Make sure to follow me on social platforms to stay connected during yet another transition.
Staying strong and optimistic
Kim xoxo

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