Day: December 20, 2021



If you’re familiar with microneedling, you might be familiar with devices such as the GloPro. Though I tend to utilize my microneedling pens, microneedling rollers are a great, more affordable option. Using the skin’s natural regenerative properties, the GloPro stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The gentle separation between skin cells allows them to …

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Nira Laser

The non-ablative, non-fractional laser, the Nira, is one of my favorite skincare staples. The Nira rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. Using resurfacing laser technology, it promises to build collagen and thus reduce wrinkles and redness. As you apply the Nira around your eyes, a wavelength is sent to the lower layers of your …

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Looking for a professional-level hair removal device you can use at home? The Bosidin might be perfect for you. As you know this is my go-to painless hair removal treatment. Utilizing medical-grade research, this device brings unparalleled results. In 2020, the Bosidin even won the Red Dot Award, which prestigiously recognizes devices for their design …

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Microderm Glo

Microderm Glo

Promising to minimize pores, and reveal your softest skin, microdermabrasion treatments have begun to gain popularity. So first things first, how do they work? Using suction and abrasion technology, the Microderm Glo helps remove the dead, outer layer of your skin. Revealing this new, fresh layer provides a fresh glow. This helps reduce fine lines …

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Red Carpet Peel

If you’re like me, you might be wondering what is the Red Carpet Peel? I was recently introduced to this new acid peel and have been intrigued ever since. With summer finally over, it’s time to hit restart. The Red Carpet Peel from Dermalure utilizes natural ingredients to improve the tone, clarity, and texture of …

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Miracle Acid Peel

Miracle Peel claims to be more powerful than nearly any other acid, including TCA Peels. Its oil-based formula helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin, without the pain caused by acid peels. The miracle peel works most effectively to treat acne scars and discolorations. After years dedicated to creating the perfect formula, SkinPeelShop claims …

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