Skincare Uncensored Podcast Episodes

Natural Kao’s Skincare App new community podcast.

My goal with this is to also bring awareness to our app and normalize what we do in the skincare App. The Podcast will include anyone from our App who wants to share their skincare story. We have an amazing amount of talented people from all sorts of backgrounds. Quite a few from medical backgrounds.

I love podcasts and find a different type of connection with people thru conversation. I’m excited about this because I feel like I’m always talking to the community in lives and videos.

The Skincare Uncensored podcast will be available on all platforms you listen to podcasts. This link takes you to the show’s main page but you can subscribe wherever you prefer listening. Link:  https://anchor.fm/skincareuncensored

Thank you so much to the Natural Kaos App Community for being a part of this new chapter 😘

Skincare Uncensored Link: Trailer 

Episode 1: Starting Out: In this initial episode for Skincare Uncensored, I’m joined by Andrea and Melissa. They are admins in the Natural Kaos App and I thought hearing from them in this opening phase could give more insight into how we get so much accomplished every week. I love that they shared how they found the Natural Kaos community and how their skincare journeys have evolved over time. We all start somewhere and I hope hearing these stories, helps anyone listening to this podcast to feel more at ease and inspired to better themselves at any point. Link TEST RUN With Melissa & Andrea : Episode 1

Ep 2: Ryan, Acne & Self Empowerment
I chat with Ryan; he has been a long time Natural Kaos member, he does LIVE demo’s in the App and helps me with special projects. We cover his experience with cystic acne, using Acutane, and his skin recovery. We talk about his first self-administered tox and his feelings about professional skincare at home. I hope you find this episode uplifting and inspiring. We all start somewhere and I hope hearing these stories, helps anyone listening to this podcast to feel more at ease and inspired to better themselves at any point. Link: Episode 2

Ep 3: Dotty, In today’s episode, we speak with Dotty. She is an original Facebook group member, moderator, and admin in the Natural Kaos App. She has tried so many products and is an incredible resource in our community. She is thorough with her research and has inspired so many people to empower their skincare at home. Link: Episode 3

Ep 4: Rita And Our Creative Nature

Rita is an incredible woman who found the Natural Kaos community and opened her heart to all of us. I love that Rita is a very can-do individual who loves her family and creating with her hands. Who doesn’t want to explore and experience everything this world has to offer? Rita is a shining example of being a lifelong learner and I’m grateful to call her my friend.
We all start somewhere and I hope hearing these stories, helps anyone listening to this podcast to feel more at ease and inspired to better themselves at any point. Link: Episode 4
Ep 5 Deonysia Cystic Acne & Infertility
Today, I’m joined by friend Deonysia. I became associated with D in the Summer of 2020 and we met in NYC in January 2021. She is an incredibly kind friend and loves sharing her talents and skill with skincare and party planning.
EP 6 Navigating Cencorship and A New Lease On Life
Today’s conversation with Debi was full of life and charm. I love Debi’s NJ accent and her zest for life. She sounds like an incredible person and I hope to meet her in person soon.
EP 7 Jen B. Empowerment Thru Acne and Weightloss with Saxenda
You are going to love today’s episode with Jen B. Her story is inspiring and uplifting. I felt motivated by her sincere experiences of change and success with her skincare and her incredible weight loss.
 Skincare Devices Explained
Beauty Skin Tools & Devices: Which are BEST? What do they do?
This video covers every beauty skin tool device concept I have: Microneedling, Microcurrent, HIFU, Ablative and Non-Ablative Lasers, High Frequency, Radio Frequency, IPL, and LED. Devices Linked Below with time stamps.
-Because this video is detailed and covers a lot, I made a BLOG post for you that goes over all of this information so it’s an easy reference.
DEVICES BLOG POST: https://bit.ly/3oIc0IU
EP 8 Christy, Looking 20 at 46 ! HIFU
In today’s podcast, I chat with Christy! If you’re in the Natural Kaos app then you have watched some incredible Lives from Christy. She is a skin squad member and has been with Natural Kaos since the FaceBook Group. She looks incredible and does extensive research.
EP 9 Understanding Radio Frequency with Maria From Tripollar
We have a special guest episode. Maria from Tripollar joins us to discuss the benefits of Radio Frequency and how it improves our skin. We discuss the Tripollar Stop X, Stop VX, and future devices that will hopefully come to the US market in the near future. You need to watch this on Spotify so you can see the video format and check out her amazing tight skin!
Use code: NATURALKAOS25 to save 25% off a Tripollar Device https://myshlf.us/p-225085
EP10 Rhonda, Beauty Is Constanly On Your Mind When Your Mom Is a Model
Isn’t Rhonda fabulous! This is why I love these weekly chats. What an incredible experience to have a mother who was a model plus grow up in such unique locations. I find our community full of interesting, caring and charming people. I could chat all day with all of you, and I can’t wait for that opportunity in Mexico 2023.
Spa And Tell: https://bit.ly/SpaAndTell
EP 11 Can I do My Own Toxin? Small Town Girl thinks outside the box!
Angela joins me today from the great state of Alabama. She has been part of our tribe since the FaceBook group days and is one of our fantastic Skin Squad members. She is always helpful and spreads kindness. During the pandemic, she asked herself, “Can I do my own Botox?” which brought her to the Natural Kaos community. 2 years later, she is an example that yes, you can no matter where you are in the country or the world.
EP12 Genni Mae Takes Her Skin Back, Shares the Good and The Bad
We speak with the lovely GenniMae about personal accountability. Reconditioning our minds from what what was thought of as taboo. In doing so she takes her skin back and shares with the Natural Kaos app members when things don’t always go according to plan. We also discuss her move from Pennsylvania to Florida and how challenging that transition has been. We wish her all the best in all of her future endeavors and love having her as an extremely valued member of our community.
EP13 Tyler, 90% TCA Peel??! Candid About His Skincare Journey, Finding His community, And encouraging Skincare Safety!
Today I’m joined by Tyler. We discuss his skincare journey and how he has found his community and safe space in the Natural Kaos App. He is one of our newly added skincare squad members and we are so excited to have him in our tribe. To enter the 7 day trip giveaway you need to be a Natural Kaos App member.
EP14 Sara Lee, Her own skincare business and DIY.
Sara Lee is just one of those people that you want as your best friend. She is so inspiring and courageous!

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  1. The podcast really makes it easy to learn more about the amazing members of the App and the unprecedented skincare revolution that is the app!! Make sure to listen to all of them to see the relatability of members and the way they inspire others!

    1. Thank you Ryan! It is a wonderful sampling of amazing people inside the Natural Kaos App sharing their skincare journeys!

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